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Bioshock Infinite Steam +21 Trainer

BioShock Infinite

An updated +21 trainer made to work with the first person shooter game Bioshock Infinite will grant you access to all these in-game cheat codes: unlimited health and armor, unlimited salt/power, add 1000 coins, add 10 lockpicks, infinite ammo, no reload, super accuracy, one hit kill, super speed, super jump, remove fall damage, bullet time, no clip mode, mini enemies, freeze time, lock player, transporter, super stealth, teleportation.

Need for Speed: Rivals 1.0-1.2 32/64-bit +14 Trainer


A brand-new +14 trainer released for the arcade racing game Need for Speed: Rivals will allow you to use over 10 interesting and helpful cheat codes: indestructible vehicle, unlimited nitro, remove opponents’ nitro, fast acceleration, increase speed, instant brakes, freeze other vehicles, never busted, unlimited weapons, vehicle one hit kill, unlimited racer and cop speed points, 2x/4x/8x/16x speed points, timer increase/decrease 15 seconds.

Need for Speed: Rivals 1.0 64-bit +12 Trainer


Gamers can download this +12 trainer released for the 64-bit release of the arcade racing game Need for Speed: Rivals to get access to a dozen of useful cheat codes, for example: indestructible vehicle, unlimited NOS (nitro), remove opponents nitro, fast acceleration, increase speed, instant brakes, freeze other cars, never arrested, unlimited weapons, easily defeat opponent’s vehicle, unlimited racer and cop speed points.

Need for Speed: Rivals (Multiversion 64-bit) +6 Trainer


If you like playing racing games and want to have some fun while playing the Need for Speed: Rivals download this +6 trainer that will allow you to use the following cheat codes: indestructible vehicle, defeat opponents, unlimited nitro, full weapon (unlimited ammo), never arrested, unlimited money.

Need for Speed: Rivals Origin 1.1 64-bit +13 Trainer


With this +13 trainer, that was made for the arcade racing game Need for Speed: Rivals, you’ll be able to instantly make use of a number of useful cheat options: indestructible vehicle, unlimited nitro, super acceleration, set 1.000.000 speed points, unlimited weapons and ammo, never arrested, instant opponent takedown, freeze opponents, remove opponent’s nitro, unlock all, super brakes, waypoint teleport, location teleporter.