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Bioshock Infinite Steam +21 Trainer

BioShock Infinite

An updated +21 trainer made to work with the first person shooter game Bioshock Infinite will grant you access to all these in-game cheat codes: unlimited health and armor, unlimited salt/power, add 1000 coins, add 10 lockpicks, infinite ammo, no reload, super accuracy, one hit kill, super speed, super jump, remove fall damage, bullet time, no clip mode, mini enemies, freeze time, lock player, transporter, super stealth, teleportation.

Deadfall Adventures Steam 1.0 +8 Trainer


This +8 trainer can come in handy when you’re playing the action-driven FPS video game Deadfall Adventures. It can provide you with eight really useful cheat codes: invincbility, unlimited ammo, no weapon reload, unlimited grenades, unlimited flashlight energy, skill points (life, light, warrior).

Dead Sky +8 Trainer


If you are looking for some cheat codes for the zombie shooter game Dead Sky you can activate this +8 trainer while playing to receive many useful cheat codes, such as: unlimited health, unlimited friend health, indestructible vehicles, unlimited ammo, no weapon reload, one hit kill, boss one hit kill, unlimited items, unlimited cash.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days 1.01 +3 Trainer


On this page players of the third person shooter game Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days can download a free +3 trainer that will allow them to use three in-game cheat codes: infinite health, infinite ammo, no weapon reload.

Borderlands 2 Steam +28 Trainer


Almost 30 useful cheat codes for the first person shooter game Borderlands 2 can be used if you activate this +28 trainer while playing. You can receive: super health, unlimited armor, unlimited ammo and grenades, no weapon reload, add 10.000 money, add badass tokens, add experience and skill points, remove skill points, super speed, super jump, super damage, slowmotion, unlimited golden keys, super accuracy, no recoil, rapid fire, unlimited eridium, super stealth, decrease levels, instant skill cooldown, infinite skill durability, constant abilities, max inventory, teleportation.