Sleeping Dogs 2.1.437044 +10 Trainer

Sleeping Dogs 2.1.437044 +10 Trainer

With this +10 trainer playing some Sleeping Dogs missions can be much easier because it brings many helpful cheat options: infinite health, infinite ammo, infinite money, fill face meter, max/min notoriety, max police exp, max gang exp, max face exp, increase/decrease money by 10.000, cops exp never drops.

Note: This trainer has been made for the 2.1.437044 version of the game Sleeping Dogs.


Numpad 1 — Infinite Health
Numpad 2 — Infinite Money
Numpad 3 — Fill Face Meter
Numpad 4 — No Notoriety
Numpad 5 — Max Notoriety
Numpad 6 — Max Police Exp.
Numpad 7 — Max Gang Exp.
Numpad 8 — Max Face Exp.
Numpad 9 — Infinite Ammo
Numpad + — Increase 10.000 Money
Numpad – — Decrease 10.000 Money
Numpad . — Cops Experience Never Drops
Home Key — Disable All

Sleeping Dogs

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