PES 2012 1.2 +5 Trainer

PES 2012 1.2 +5 Trainer

It is no fun cheating in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, but if you want you can use this +5 trainer and you’ll be able to change score for player 1 and/or player 2 by using these cheats: add score, subtract score, add 1000 GP.

Note: This cheat will work with 1.2 version of the game Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.

Trainer Options:

F1: Activate Trainer
Numpad 1: Add Score 1 – for player 1
Numpad 2: Subtract Score 1 – for player 1
Numpad 3: Add Score 2 – for player 2
Numpad 4: Subtract Score 2 – for player 2
Numpad 5: Add 1000 GP – use this EXTRA CONTENT section to give more GP

Note: While in a game you can press key to change score. Unfortunately, the score will not ‘appear’ to change until there is a game break or another goal is scored. However, the changes DO occur.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

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