PC Game Trainer

Here on NewGameLand.com you can find PC game trainers and cheat codes for the latest and popular video games. If there is a trainer that is not working for you, it’s probably due to the differences in the game versions, so be sure to check your game version before downloading them.

Before you go to game trainer download you should learn how it work, to avoid any inconvenience.

PC game trainer was made with the sole purpose of modifying a game’s original code, so you could use cheats that normally are not presented within a game. Or, in cases where better cheats could be activated with less work by the end user.

Because it allows you to alter the game’s code, sometimes antivirus software sees it as a malicious software, but it is not. There are no viruses. So don’t be scared, your PC will be safe and you can enjoy while playing.

Don’t get scammed by +40 and other megatrainers that can be found on the internet, those are all false programs. Download only from trusted makers, such as FLiNG, LinGon, GRIZZLY, sILeNt heLLsCrEAm, MrAntiFun, GGHZ, dr.olle, GradenT, testhawk, CheatHappens, etc.

We also provide you with free and demo games that you could play, patches and updates that bring bug fixes and new content, mods and add-ons that can change gameplay experience or bring additional content, iPhone and Android mobile games, and more.

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