Borderlands 2 Steam +28 Trainer


Almost 30 useful cheat codes for the first person shooter game Borderlands 2 can be used if you activate this +28 trainer while playing. You can receive: super health, unlimited armor, unlimited ammo and grenades, no weapon reload, add 10.000 money, add badass tokens, add experience and skill points, remove skill points, super speed, super jump, super damage, slowmotion, unlimited golden keys, super accuracy, no recoil, rapid fire, unlimited eridium, super stealth, decrease levels, instant skill cooldown, infinite skill durability, constant abilities, max inventory, teleportation.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Steam 1.3 +12 Trainer


This +12 trainer has been released for the Steam release of first person shooter game Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, it will allow you to get access to a dozen of useful cheat codes, those are: super health, unlimited ammo, grenades and flashbangs, no weapon reload, rapid fire, maximum accuracy, no recoil, super speed, super jump, slowmotion, super melee damage, teleportation.

Total War: Rome II Steam 1.6 built 8013 +13 Trainer


This new +13 trainer brings a lot of interesting cheats for the tactical turn-based strategy game Total War: Rome II. You can activate: god mode, unlimited soldiers and agents movement, unlimited income, set generals age to 40, set public order to 100, mercenaries always available, attrition, unlimited ammo, 1 turn reinforcement, 1 turn construction, 1 turn research.

Call of Duty: Ghosts +8 Trainer


Non-professional players can have some difficulties with certain missions while playing the first person shooter game Call of Duty: Ghosts. They can use this +8 trainer that will let them to use all these cheat codes: unlimited health, unlimited ammo and explosives, no weapon reload, maximum accuracy, one hit kill, super jump, slowmotion.

Batman: Arkham Origins 1.2 +8 Trainer


With the help of this updated +8 trainer you will be able to finish all missions of the sandbox action adventure game Batman: Arkham Origins. It will allow you to use these in-game cheats: unlimited health, unlimited experience and skill points, super speed, one hit kill, change player’s size.