Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Steam 1.1 +8 Trainer


A useful +8 trainer made to work with the platformer game Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, it can provide you with some useful cheat codes: infinite health, instant take damage, infinite crystals, super speed, super jump, multi moves, teleportation.

Far Cry 3 1.03 +16 Trainer for DX9/DX11


Anyone can download and use this +16 trainer with the sandbox first person shooter game Far Cry 3 to unlock a lot of interesting in-game cheat codes, such as: unlimited health and armor, unlimited stamina, breathe underwater, unlimited ammo and explosives, no weapon reload, increase experience 8x, unlimited skill points, unlock all weapons, fast vehicle repair, mega backpack size, unlimited syringes, add 2000 cash, add 1000 maximum cash, unlimited time.

Sleeping Dogs 1.8 +10 Trainer


Here’s a +10 trainer made for the open world action game Sleeping Dogs that players can use to receive a dozen of helpful cheat codes: unlimited health, unlimited cash, fill face meter, remove notoriety, maximum notoriety, max police, gang and face experience points, unlimited ammo, increase/decrease money by 10.000, cops experience never drops.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) 1.0 +7 Trainer


Using this +7 trainer while playing the arcade racing game Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) will allow you to activate several cheat options: save position, teleport, undo teleportation, regenerate nitro, always finish first, never get busted, super brakes, freeze opponents and cops, never crash.

Far Cry 3 Steam 1.03 +24 Trainer


With the help of this great +24 trainer, which you can use with the sandbox FPS video game Far Cry 3, you’ll be able to make use of all these in-game cheat options: unlimited health and armor, increased stamina, unlimited cash, unlimited experience and skill points, breathe underwater, unlimited ammo, no reload, unlimited explosives and grenades, super accuracy, no recoil, increased zoom, super speed, super jump, stealth mode, mega backpack size, unlimited syringes, enable all weapons, teleporter, unlock world map, air walk.