Need For Speed World 1.2.8 +22 Trainer

Need For Speed World 1.2.8 +22 Trainer

This mega trainer for the racing game Need For Speed World has 22 different options built in it: turbo, acceleration modifier, handling modifier, instant powerups, tank mode, tank mode power, transparent car, wall hack, stop traffic, car changer, pursuit loader, heat level 5, no cops, instant cooldown, increase pursuit stats, freeze camera angle, and many more…

Note: This cheat is for the 1.2.8 version of the game Need For Speed World.

Important: This trainer was NOT meant to be used in multiplayer races. If you use to cheat against fair players, you might get banned. Use these options in single player or in pursuit modes only.

Trainer Options:

Shift+F1: Anti-Cheat Protection bypass
Shift+F2: Turbo with Left Shift key
Shift+F3: Acceleration
Shift+F4: Acceleration modifier
Shift+F5: Handling
Shift+F6: Handling modifier (an extra option for the Handling cheat)
Shift+F7: Instant powerups
Shift+F8: Tank mode
Shift+F9: Custom tank mode
Shift+F10: Tank mode power (an extra option for the custom tank mode)
Shift+F11: Transparent car
Shift+F12: Wall hack
CTRL+F1: Stop traffic
CTRL+F2: Simple car changer (read notes below)
CTRL+F3: Custom car changer (read notes below)
CTRL+F4: Car ID (an option which should be used with the custom car changer)
CTRL+F5: Pursuit loader
CTRL+F6: Heat level 5
CTRL+F7: No cops
CTRL+F8: Instant cooldown with key 6
CTRL+F9: Increase pursuit stats with key 7 (without timer)
CTRL+F10: Freeze camera angle

Additional Info: Read notes included in package for more info about trainer options.

Need For Speed World

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8 Responses to Need For Speed World 1.2.8 +22 Trainer

  1. Tony says:

    i think it will work

  2. hasan says:

    a wonderful thing

  3. hasan says:

    i think it will work

  4. jakoby says:

    quando usa esse programa nao recebesse recompensa, alguem pode me ajudar

  5. Pearce says:


  6. PIERCIESE says:

    It is not working!!!

  7. alisson says:

    porque o shift+f1 nã esta mais pegando.
    sem ele não da para fazer o outros hacks.
    vcs sabem a solução para isso?

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