Might and Magic: Heroes 6 1.1.3178.5 +13 Trainer

Might and Magic: Heroes 6 1.1.3178.5 +13 Trainer

This is very useful +13 trainer for the fantasy turn based strategy game Might and Magic: Heroes 6 that can provide you with following cheats: add gold, add wood, add ore, add crystal, unlimited movement, add character XP, add ability points, refill troops, massive army, heal unit, super health unit, weak unit, decimate army.

Note: This trainer will work with 1.1.0, 1.1.1 and 1.1.3178.5 versions of the game Might and Magic: Heroes 6.


F1 — Enable Codes
Numpad 1 — Add Gold
Numpad 2 — Add Wood
Numpad 3 — Add Ore
Numpad 4 — Add Crystal
Numpad 6 — Add Character Experience
Numpad 7 — Add Ability Points
Numpad 9 — Massive Army
Numpad * (multiply) — Super Health Unit
Numpad / (slash) — Weak Unit
Numpad . (point) — Decimate Army

Might and Magic: Heroes 6

Download Trainer – 1.1.0

Download Trainer – 1.1.1

Download Trainer – 1.1.3178.5

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4 Responses to Might and Magic: Heroes 6 1.1.3178.5 +13 Trainer

  1. calcifer says:

    Well, I have a problem. First I run the trainer, than the game. When in the main menu, I push F1 and I do not know if there’s a sound message that the trainer has been included? Because I can not hear anything. Later in the game, trainer do not really want to work. I do not know what I’m doing wrong. The file is on desktop. Should I paste it into the folder with the game? Regards.

  2. enrisgr says:

    tengo una de las versiones, cuando pincho en mmh6.exe me sale la pantalla de mega trainer, pero me pone arriba y en rojo”invalid trainer user”. q debo hacer?

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