Metro: Last Light +15 Trainer

Metro: Last Light +15 Trainer

For all gamers that like playing the first person shooter video game Metro: Last Light here’s a +15 trainer that can make game easier. It brings all these cheat codes: unlimited health, unlimited ammo, unlimited knives and explosives, no weapon reload, no overheating, super accuracy, rapid fire, increase money by 1.000, unlimited electricity, unlimited gas mask time, metal gas mask, super speed, super jump, unlimited medkits.

Note: This trainer will work with the version of the game Metro: Last Light.


Numpad 1 — Infinite Health
Numpad 2 — Infinite Ammo / No Reload
Numpad 3 — Add 1000 Money
Numpad 4 — Infinite Energy
Numpad 5 — Infinite Gas Mask Time
Numpad 6 — No Overheating
Numpad 7 — Max Accuracy
Numpad 8 — Rapid Fire
Numpad 9 — Super Speed
Numpad / — Super Jump v1
Numpad * — Super Jump v2
Numpad – — Metal Gas Mask
Numpad + — Infinite Items
Numpad 0 — Infinite Medkits
Delete — Disable All

Metro: Last Light

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