Marble Solitaire Plus for Android phones

Marble Solitaire Plus for Android phones

Marble Solitaire Plus is a highly addictive single player game for all age groups based on a classic marble solitaire board game. It is simple, fast and highly addictive arcade game that will keep you busy and is an ideal game on your mobile when you want to kill time.

Marble solitaire is played by jumping marbles over one another and into empty spaces. Beginning with only one empty space, start the game by jumping one of the surrounding marbles into the space. Marbles must jump over one other marble to reach the empty space and can only jump horizontally or vertically. There are no diagonal jumps allowed and jumps cannot occur over multiple marbles. Each time you jump a marble to an empty space, the marble that was jumped over is removed from the board. If there is a marble that is surrounded by empty spaces, it cannot be moved unless another marble lands into one of the adjacent spaces. Continue jumping marbles until no other marbles can be moved. Then count up the remaining marbles.

Marble solitaire’s Goal is to be left with one remaining marble in the game board’s center space. Because the game is only played by one person, there is no clear winning or losing of the game. Having one marble left in any spot is still considered a good game, while each additional marble is less and less ideal. Having more than four marbles left on the board is considered a failure.

1) Option to Choose multiple boards
2) Shows the timer,number of moves,score and undo action
3) Settings to play with or without sound.(Not for Tab)
4) Player can view the statistics of the game and best score achieved with this board
5) share your score to Facebook.
6) You can share your past score to facebook anytime by using Share button.
7) Added More informative text to play game easily.
8) Added English Board with 33 holes.
9) Added French Board with 37 holes. etc…

Marble Solitaire Plus

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