Icy Tower – Facebook Game

Icy Tower – Facebook Game

Icy Tower is a very addictive Facebook game where your only goal is to jump as high as possible to the top of a crumbling tower with an infinite number of floors above you, before the crumbling levels below finally catch up to you. Compete with your friends in weekly tournaments and try all towers with amazing twists and curls.

The controls themselves are fairly simple – you’ll just use the arrow keys to go back and forth and the space bar to jump – but using them to their fullest has a bit of a learning curve. The trick to succeeding in Icy Tower is creating combos of improbably large jumps, and creating these jumps takes a little more skill than hopping from platform to platform. You’ll need to get a bit of speed by running in one direction, jump at a wall, and then jump in the opposite direction the moment you make contact. It takes a little bit to master, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be completing 50 floor combos like a pro.

There’s some trickiness in learning the skills you’ll need to school your friends, but once you’ve acclimatized yourself to the controls you’re likely to find that Icy Tower is a fairly addictive fast-paced arcade game that’s incredibly hard to put down.

Icy Tower

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