Home Fest – Facebook Game

Home Fest – Facebook Game

Home Fest is a new social game that allows users to create their own virtual parties in Facebook. It will also feature exclusive contents provided by Sony Music.

Home Fest is a brand new game released a couple of weeks ago that is similar to Nightclub City, but with the setting being your home instead of a club atmosphere. It is the first game developed by Atommica, headquartered in Argentina. In Home Fest, you decorate your home to your liking, buy attractions such as DJ booths and dance floors, pick your choice of music, and try to make your partygoers happy. Players are able to design and decorate parties to allure friends, create music playlists and choose attractions to earn virtual coins.

We wanted to work with a concept theme that’s wide and attractive for as many users as possible; step away from the most popular themes (such as farms, pets or restaurants) and play with elements more appealing to adults. But above all, a theme that would distinguish us from other Social Games…” Says Martín Conte Mac Donell, lead game developer at Atommica.

Since Home Fest is pretty new there are many features that are still coming soon, such as gifting. Interestingly enough, the game plays short snippets of music and if you click “Buy Song” you are routed to make a purchase through Amazon using the developer’s Amazon Affiliate ID.

Home Fest is the ideal space to promote Sony Music’s impressive portfolio. Selected artists will have their own party within the game, which users will be invited to visit to, and listen new material; or to just drop by and hear their all time favorite tunes. They will even be able to virtually “hire” the artist and have him or her playing at their own party, as well.

With fun and engaging game mechanics, and an innovative theme, Home Fest has some of the highest production quality, also, because of its association with Sony Music. So far, the game has less than 2,000 total players and could use some love and your feedback! This game has promise, but you’ll have to check it out and see what you think.

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Home Fest 02

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