FIFA 14 1.2 +9 Trainer

FIFA 14 1.2 +9 Trainer

Using this +9 trainer will grant you access to a dozen of fun cheat codes for the football simulation game FIFA 14. Here’s what you can get: infinite initial transfer budget, infinite trasp. budget, infinite weekly wage budget, increase match time by 5 minutes, infinite player 1 stamina (local team), infinite player 1 stamina (guest team), all players not tired, all players tired, giant players, small players, all players have big hands.

Note: This trainer is compatible with the patched 1.2 version of the game FIFA 14 for PC.


F1 – Infinite Initial Transfer Budget
F2 – Infinite Trasp. Budget
F3 – Infinite Weekly Wage Budget
F4 – Increase Match Time by 5 Minutes
F5 – Player 1 Not Tired as Local
F6 – Player 1 Not Tired as Guest
F7 – All Players Not Tired
F8 – All Players Tired
F9 – All Players Giants
F10 – All Players Small
F11 – All Players Big Hands


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