Far Cry 3 1.05 +16 Trainer

Far Cry 3 1.05 +16 Trainer

With the help of a +16 trainer you’ll be able to make use of many helpful cheat codes while playing the sandbox FPS game Far Cry 3. Those cheats are: unlimited health, unlimited syringes, unlimited ammo and explosives, no weapon reload, maximum accuracy, no recoil, one hit kill, unlimited money, unlimited skill points, unlock weapon slot, super speed, super jump, increase purse and backpack size, invisibility.

Note: This trainer is compatible with the retail 1.05 version of the game Far Cry 3.


Numpad 1 — Infinite Health
Numpad 2 — Infinite Ammo
Numpad 3 — Infinite Money
Numpad 4 — Infinite Syringes
Numpad 5 — Infinite Explosives
Numpad 6 — Infinite Skill Points
Numpad 7 — Unlock Weapon Slot
Numpad 8 — Super Accuracy
Numpad 9 — Super Speed
Numpad 0 — Super Jump
Numpad / — No Reload
Numpad * — No Recoil
Numpad + — Big Purse
Numpad – — Big Backpack
Numpad . — Invisibility
Insert — One Hit Kill

Far Cry 3

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