Diamond Dash – Facebook Game

Diamond Dash – Facebook Game

Treat your brain to puzzling fun with Diamond Dash, fun match 3 game that can be played on Facebook. Find matching gems and clear the board. Challenging levels, original “Special Weapons” and an undo button highlight this colorful contest while stunning graphics and original music add a dash of sparkling delight. A puzzle for the entire family, Diamond Dash is not to be missed.

In Diamond Dash you’re presented with a screen full of colored blocks, and it’s your job to clear away groups of three or more, which is done simply by clicking on them. Cleared blocks will disappear, causing the whole screen to collapse to accommodate the new blocks that pour in from the top. The goal is to simply clear away as many as you can to get a high score.

As you play you’ll earn experience, which unlocks power-ups like explosive blocks and such. There’s also a high-score leaderboard so that you can compare scores with your friends. Try it now!

Diamond Dash

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  1. medo says:


  2. lameri says:

    bonsoir cela fait plusieurs fois que le jeux diamond dash bloc il ne fonctionne plus sur facebook et sa ne vient pas de mon ordinateur car tout mes autres jeux fonctionne svp pouvez vous le redémarè merci

  3. bouckaert j says:

    speel diamond dash heb al 308009 punten en tochkrijg ik de melding “geen score”

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