Dead Island v1.20 +20 Trainer

Dead Island v1.20 +20 Trainer

This is the best +20 trainer by LinGon for the action game Dead Island that will give you, when enabled: unlimited health, unlimited stamina, unlimited ammo, add cash, add experience, increase skill levels, set max fury, constant fury, infinite weapon durability, infinite flashlight, super speed, super jump, zombie master, one hit kill, matrix bullet time, insane mode, mega player, mini zombies, mega zombies, and teleport.

There is also included simpler +15 trainer.

Note: These trainers will work with 1.20 (Update 2) version of the game Dead Island.

Trainer +15 Options:

F12 – Trainer Activation
F1 – Infinite Health
F2 – Infinite Stamina
F3 – Infinite Ammo
F4 – Add Cash
F5 – Add XP
F6 – Increase Skill levels
F7 – Set Max Fury
F8 – Constant Fury
F9 – Infinite Weapon Durability
F10 – Infinite Flashlight
8 – Super Speed/Sprint – Lite
9 – Super Speed/Sprint – Boosted
0 – Zombie Master
Insert – One Hit Kills
Page Up – Bullet Time Matrix
Page Down – Insane mode

Trainer +20 Additions and Changes:

All +15 Trainer Options
3 – Mega Player
4 – Mini Zombies
5 – Mega Zombies
6 – Super Speed/Sprint – Lite
7 – Super Speed/Sprint – Boosted
8 – Super Jump – Lite
9 – Super Jump – Boosted
Numpad 0 – Store Position
Numpad 2 – Teleport
Numpad 3 – Undo Teleportion

Dead Island

Dead Island

Download Trainer +15

Download Trainer +20

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