Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Update 2 +17 Trainer

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Update 2 +17 Trainer

Using this +17 trainer for the dark fantasy action adventure game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will allow you to get access to many interesting cheats: super health, unlimited light and shadow power, unlimited focus, add 1000/remove skill points, unlimited daggers, super speed, super jump, slowmotion, slowmotion enemies, unlimited dark crystals, unlimited holy water, unlimited fairies, one hit kill, teleportation.

Note: This trainer will work with the 1.2 (Update 2) version of the game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.


Home – Activate Trainer
F1 – Super Health
F2 – Infinite Light Power
F3 – Infinite Shadow Power
F4 – Infinite Focus
F5 – Add 1.000 Skill Points
F6 – Remove Skill Points
F7 – Infinite Daggers
F8 – Super Speed
F9 – Slowmotion
F10 – Super Jump
F11 – Infinite Jump
Number 5 – Infinite Dark Crystals
Number 6 – Infinite Holy Water
Number 7 – Infinite Fairies
Number 8 – Store Location
Number 9 – Teleport
Number 0 – Undo Teleportation
Page Up – One Hit Kill
Page Down – Slowmotion Enemies

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

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