Bioshock Infinite Steam +21 Trainer

Bioshock Infinite Steam +21 Trainer

An updated +21 trainer made to work with the first person shooter game Bioshock Infinite will grant you access to all these in-game cheat codes: unlimited health and armor, unlimited salt/power, add 1000 coins, add 10 lockpicks, infinite ammo, no reload, super accuracy, one hit kill, super speed, super jump, remove fall damage, bullet time, no clip mode, mini enemies, freeze time, lock player, transporter, super stealth, teleportation.

Note: This trainer can be used with the Steam version of the game Bioshock Infinite.


Home – Activate Trainer
F1 – Super Health
F2 – Infinite Shield
F3 – Infinite Salt/Power
F4 – Add Money
F5 – Add Lockpicks
F6 – Infinite Ammo
F7 – No Reload
F8 – Super Accuracy
F9 – Super Speed
F10 – Super Jump – Lite
F11 – Super Jump – Boosted
F12 – No Fall Damage
End – Bullet Time
Delete – No Clip Mode
Page Up – One Hit Kill
Page Down – Mini Enemies
Number 5 – Freeze Time
Number 6 – Lock Player
Number 7 – The Transporter
Insert – Super Stealth
Number 8 – Store Location
Number 9 – Teleport
Number 0 – Undo Teleportation

Bioshock Infinite

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add lockpicks, add money, BioShock Infinite, bullet time, freeze time, infinite ammo, infinite salt/power, infinite shield, lock player, mini enemies, no clip mode, no fall damage, no reload,

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