Angry Birds PC version 1.0 +2 Trainer

Angry Birds PC version 1.0 +2 Trainer

This trainer has been made for Angry Birds v1.0.

First run the trainer, then run the game. You can start the game with it’s own icon or you can use the Start game button in the trainer. Hit the number keys on the keyboard to turn options on/off. You can also use the checkbox to enable/disable the options.

There are 2 options in this trainer:

1. Control Bird
2. Control Bird even after explosion


The 2 options are not compatible with each other. Only one of them can be activated at the same time. If you wish to change the cheat to the other one, disable the current cheat then activate the other one.

Control Bird:
First activate the cheat. After you have launched the bird, you can control it with these keys:

U: Up
J: Down
H: Left
K: Right

When you use this cheat, if an explosion happens, you will usually be able to control another object like rocks etc. This is useful if your bird has exploded but you can still control an object to smash things.

Control Bird even after explosion:
This is basically the same option as the first one, with a “safety lock”. Use it this way:
Hold down the Space button.
Launch the bird.
Release the space button.
Control the bird in the same way as in the first cheat.

If an explosion happens, you will still be able to control the bird unlike in the first option. However if your bird has exploded (like those exploding birds), you loose the benefits of controlling another object instead.

Known bug:
Some people are experiencing program crash when something is exploding in the game and the cheats are turned on. The problem cannot be reproduced under Windows XP or Win 7, probably it is caused by a 3rd program, maybe an antivirus.

Angry Birds Trainer

Download Trainer – 1.0

Download Trainer – Multiversion

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27 Responses to Angry Birds PC version 1.0 +2 Trainer

  1. ido says:

    Where is the trainer download??

  2. Admin says:

    You have download link at the bottom of the post.

  3. dhud says:

    hu hu hu
    cant find the trainer

  4. nRi says:

    thanx. its really worth it.

  5. Admin says:

    You’re welcome ;)

  6. thank you admin says:

    thank you uploader/admin, this is great trainer, now i can have 3 stars on all levels and unlock all the golden eggs, hehehhe!

  7. thank you admin says:

    dude, i just noticed that “2” number, brings error, actually even if i use “1” in the bomb stages, error comes up, so i cannot use the trainer in bomb stages, any solution?

  8. Admin says:

    I am not sure what is the problem. On other stages you can use it normaly?

  9. thank you admin says:

    no, ALL the map works using the trainer, i just cannot hit the BOX BOMB because if i hit, and it will explode, the trainer will error.

    SAME with the BOMB BIRD, if the bomb bird explodes, trainer error.

  10. Admin says:

    There is probably some error in trainer code, author should fix this.

    If I find update, I will post it here.

    You can try other Angry Birds trainers.

  11. Admin says:

    You should play those tnt box levels without using this cheat.

  12. thank you admin says:

    lol yea, i will actually do that, also the stages where the 1st bird i will use is the BOMB BIRD, cannot use cheat in that stage too.. sad!!

  13. Admin says:

    Well, that couldn’t be so hard for you, you can finnish that level without using cheats :P :)

  14. thank you says:

    NO!! i want the easy way!! hehehe

  15. ewur4u84 says:

    admin, can u send me the highscores.lua file with all levels 3 stars, pls!! coz now i cannot use the trainer to control the bomb type birds, and the bomb stages have error.

  16. ewur4u84 says:

    nevermind dude, all i did was change the highscores of the levels in the highscore file of the angry birds, now all my levels are 3 stars and have unlocked the golden eggs. hehe!

  17. Admin says:

    You are one big cheater :D

  18. karlo calingao says:

    nice one :D

  19. karlo calingao says:

    cant dl :(

  20. Manas says:

    Nice trainer but not working in the bomb bird stages..!!

  21. cheater says:

    In the bomb stages this trainer not working….

  22. anonimus says:

    this trainer will bring error in bomb stages.

    editing the high score file in updated version of angry birds is now impossible bec. they encrypted it.

  23. rezin says:

    thank you very much sir ……^_^

  24. Lennard says:

    I can’t control the bird when I launch it.Can you help me?

  25. leonard says:

    can you help me for use the trainer??

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